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September 24, 2011


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Commissions OPEN

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 24, 2011, 2:27 PM

Commissions Currently Open!

Commissions OPEN by EmmaL27


:bulletpurple:50px X 50px User Avatar: 25:points:
:bulletpurple:100px X 50px Group Avatar: 50:points:


dAdonate by EmmaL27Forden's Avatar by EmmaL27
Unknown Manga Artist Avatar by EmmaL27Dark Light Academy by EmmaL27
Oak Dale Witches Avatar V3 by EmmaL27TroubleMakers Academy by EmmaL27
The Change by EmmaL27Point Police by EmmaL27
Anime Contest Galore by EmmaL27Tribe of Shooting Stars by EmmaL27
The Zombie Maker by EmmaL27The Zombie Maker V2 by EmmaL27
Oak Dale Witches Avatar V2 by EmmaL27Oak Dale Witches Avatar by EmmaL27
Pokemontopia by EmmaL27SpiritMon Avatar by EmmaL27
Sureya and YamPuff Fan Club by EmmaL27Kelacao by EmmaL27
Prize Packages by EmmaL27Points Bizarre by EmmaL27
Chained-Dimension by EmmaL27The Famine by EmmaL27
Warrior Cats by EmmaL27Disgruntled Artists by EmmaL27
Crazy Anime Yakuza by EmmaL27Points for Groups by EmmaL27
Cloud Admirer by EmmaL27The Elephant Herd by EmmaL27
Playing Dress Up by EmmaL27Primate Central by EmmaL27
Dark Vampire Hearts by EmmaL27Team Llama V2 by EmmaL27
Quality Color by EmmaL27Give a Llama! Get a Llama! by EmmaL27
Fav-O-Rama by EmmaL27The Green House by EmmaL27
Stamps Are Us by EmmaL27Stamp Collectors by EmmaL27
Kawaiis-R-Us by EmmaL27Legend of Zelda Fanz by EmmaL27
Fantasy of the Soul by EmmaL27Zacky V Lovers by EmmaL27
Come One Come All by EmmaL27Give Me Nightmares by EmmaL27
All Art Accepted by EmmaL27GiveGet by EmmaL27
love-crafting by EmmaL27loveTWITTER by EmmaL27
PerryxSally V2 by EmmaL27dAdvertise by EmmaL27
FreePM V3 by EmmaL27Point Donaters by EmmaL27
Wonderful Points by EmmaL27Fan Art Society by EmmaL27
Project Points by EmmaL27GO Stamps by EmmaL27
The Mad Hatters Icon V2 by EmmaL27Disney Artists United Anim V2 by EmmaL27
Why is a Raven...PLZ by EmmaL27Project Points V2 by EmmaL27
Give Me Nightmares V2 by EmmaL27

Please send me a note with the following information:

Avatar Request Form

User or Group Avatar?

Name of User/Group:

Tagline? Y/N
If yes:

Preference of color(s)? Y/N
If yes:

Corners rounded or not? Y/N

Any specific images? Y/N


Or I can just pull something crazy out of my head if you like. :crazy:



:bulletpurple:Animated: 99px X 56px: 50:points:
:bulletpurple:Unanimated: 99px X 56px: 25:points:


Keep your YAOI by EmmaL27Oak Dale Witches Stamp by EmmaL27
Syrus by EmmaL27I'm Dyslexic by EmmaL27
Our Scars Remind Us... by EmmaL27KONY 2012 by EmmaL27
dA's Guide to the Galaxy Stamp by EmmaL27Veni, Vidi, Veci. by EmmaL27
The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn... by EmmaL27Sims 3 by EmmaL27
A Dream is a Wish... by EmmaL27I'm a Pirate by EmmaL27
Art is a Reflection by EmmaL27The Llamas by EmmaL27
Steve Jobs Stamp by EmmaL27Sometimes life... by EmmaL27
I'd be a serial killer... by EmmaL27Medical Marijuana Patient by EmmaL27
Requests Open Stamp by EmmaL27Requests Closed Stamp by EmmaL27
I think you dislocated my... by EmmaL27Commissions OPEN V2 by EmmaL27
The Madness Has Begun... by EmmaL27I need to pee... by EmmaL27
What is the Hatter With Me? by EmmaL27Prepare the Jabberwocky by EmmaL27
Curouser and Curiouser... by EmmaL27Muchness by EmmaL27
Time Can Be Funny in Dreams by EmmaL27You're Mad... by EmmaL27
The Time by EmmaL27You're All Late for Tea V3 by EmmaL27
FUTTERWACKEN...Vigorously. by EmmaL27Off With Your Head by EmmaL27
A Very Merry Unbirthday by EmmaL27We're All Mad Here by EmmaL27
I Llama Back by EmmaL27Why is a Raven... Stamp by EmmaL27

Please send me a note with the following information:

Stamp Request Form

(Tip: Keep it short and simple)


Preference of color(s)? Y/N
If yes:

Any specific images? Y/N



PLZ Stamps

:bulletpurple:Animated: 99px X 56px: 100:points:
:bulletpurple:Unanimated: 99px X 56px: 50:points:
:bulletpurple:Comes with PLZ Account and regular Stamp.

Coming Soon!

Please send me a note with the following information:

PLZ Stamp Request Form

(Tip: Keep it short and simple)


Preference of color(s)? Y/N
If yes:

Any specific images? Y/N



Hosted Stamps

Proud Cat Parent by *Wylandriah by EmmaL27

Totoro Journal Skin by *blob-kitty
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DamuLion Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

User or Group Avatar? :iconadopt-a-lion:

Name of User/Group: Adopt-A-Lion

Corners rounded or not? Up to you.. W/e looks best.

Any specific images? Yes, Obv lions :p (Lion king theme)

ExoToxicImpulse Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello! may I ask for a group icon?

its an anthro group that I have, I want it to have like a preview of a few anthro animals and at the end the name of the group? if you can? D:

I hope I made sense =3=
LinkXavier Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Group Avatar

Name of Group: FictionHeaven

Tagline: A group for character drawers!

Preference of color: Blue, Green cold colors. 

Corners rounded


Comments: Since it about fictional stuff, it can look a little futuristic.


I would like a Animated User Avatar,

Name of User: Me (Link Xavier)

Corners rounded

Two separate avatars plz

1. Dark Link and Link(LoZ) 
2. Zant(LoZ)

Please Make it AWESOME.

Normal Price: 100Points Instead  Ill pay 150Points 
I count on you! good luck.
deifanlove Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
User or Group Avatar? Group avatar!

Name of User/Group: #Lupine-Fangs

Tagline: Hmm..Nah

Preference of color(s)? Yah bubu.
If yes: Hmm Dark colors! Like dark blue..or black. Stuff like that!

Corners rounded or not? Oh yah Round corners.

Any specific images? Yus! Like a floaty moon and a starry night sky that's moving left in a loop >w<

Ehh.. I tried doing one myself but nahh! I know you can do a better job! Just to let you know, the whole group is about blood thirsty, vampires and fullmoon werewolves(It's definitely not like Twilight!) and supernatural hunters.. Oooh I can't wait to see how it turns out!...I mean if you can do it. Mm..And make the name's font of the group look super fancy! Like if someone came across it they would be like, "Oh! This icon looks amazing I'm totally joining this group!" ^^; Sorry if I'm asking for too much.. I'll pay you 80 for this! Oh, and one more thing! Feel free to go crazy! I'm sure it'll look great!
Ullamaliztli Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
Are you still open? ;3;
thefaithfulwolf Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
User or Group Avatar? GROUP, please. c:

Name of User/Group: #Writings-In-The-Wind

Tagline: No.

Preference of color(s)? Yes.
If yes: Mainly black and white.

Corners rounded or not? Rounded, please.

Any specific images? I have a request. ; below.

For the image request, do you think the icon could be of two cats, a headshot of them - and the cats could be facing one another, blinking? One of the cats would need to be a black silhouette, the other a white silhouette. Could a dotted line separate the icon in half of which, the black cat's side would have a white background, and the white cat's side would have a black background.
black cat - green eyes .. white cat - blue eyes.

I can pay 63 points for all the crazy extra/complexity of the icon. ;o;
BunsDream Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm actually having a icon design contest for my group right now, the
prize is 100:points: for first place~ You should definitely enter if you
have the time ouo
HarleyWish Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Are your commissions still open?
EmmaL27 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Professional General Artist
Yes. :)
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